Xd6 Help Contents


xd6 is a dice rolling app designed to simulate rolling real dice when you have no dice available or you have to roll more dice than you want to.

Main Screen

Simple – For simple dice rolling up to 6 dice, this will be used for most board games.

Advanced – This allows for rolling of up to 999 dice with advanced sorting and filtering options, commonly used for tabletop war games.

Life Counter – There is also a life counter for 1 or 2 players for use with card games.


As the name suggests this is the most simple way to use the dice roller.

Select from the buttons at the top to roll up to 6 dice.

Roll Dice to re-roll the selected dice.

Life Counter

A simple life counter for card games, increase and decrease the values using + and – buttons.

It is also possible to change the name of each player.

Reset will set the values back to 20.


Keypad Page

This page supports rolling for up to 999 dice, and the results are grouped by value.

First enter a value from 1 to 999 and press Roll Dice and your values will be displayed.

Roll D6 Sum – Rolls the amount of dice to the corresponding Sum Total of the previous roll.

Roll D3 Sum – Rolls the amount of dice to half the corresponding Sum Total of the previous roll.

Filter – filter the dice roll result using the Filter Page.

Filter Page

The filter page is where all the sorting and filtering takes place. The dice icons in this page are also selectable to reveal extra functions.

Dice Roll Modifier

The dice roll modifier (M+/M-) will modify the value of all dice between -5 and 5.

This will be used if a rule required a result is modified by a certain value. Also there is a setting in the options menu to toggle if dice rolls of 1 can be increased beyond 1 or not.

Dice Result Filter

This is the quickest way to sort out the dice using a Higher/Lower system.

To keep all dice with values of 4 and above ensure KEEP is selected and press 4+. DISCARD will remove all dice of value 4 and above.

The Info Panel

  • Round Name – Hit / Wound / Save etc, up to 5 rounds can be used with customisable names.
  • Last Action – Displays the result of the last action performed.
  • Start – The number of dice you start with before any filtering is done.
  • Modifier – The current value of the Dice Roll Modifier
  • Discard – How many dice have been discarded by filtering.
  • Next Round – The number of dice that will be rolled for the next round, if any additional dice are added this is displayed with a + symbol.


To view previous dice rolls, and actions you can look at the logs.


Hold D1 on M+

This is a setting for the advanced filter, it will prevent dice values of 1 or lower from increasing when M+ is pressed.

Show Dice Sums

If enabled will display the sum of the dice roll on both the simple and advanced keypad pages.

Advanced Options

These options are specifically for the Advanced Filter Mode

Round Options

Max Rounds

Choose from 1 to 5 rounds

Round Names

Edit the name of each round

Round Filter Auto Switch

Enabling this option will automatically set the filter for the round.


There are 3 customisable functions that can be modified to suit the game that is played.

The exploding dice mechanic (Roll Additional) will add and roll addition dice for the same round. If Re-trigger for new dice is enabled more dice will be added if the selected value is rolled by any of the new dice.

Add to Pass will simply add the amount of of selected dice to the next round.